Early in the morning, after you wake up when you are in an extreme rush to start your day and head to work, the sight of a blocked toilet is not just unwanted, but also a disgusting situation. The toilet in your house is a place that we barely pay attention to. Although this is an underrated area of the house, it is one of the most useful places without which people can barely live peacefully. 

Suffering from clogged toilets in the morning is an unwanted situation. It is very difficult to get emergency plumbers early in the morning. Even if you have a great rapport with the plumbers, it may so happen that they are not available when you need them. Does that mean you have to sit the entire day with that blocked toilet in your house? Certainly not. When you do not get plumbers easily you need to rely on some home remedies.

Many of you have no clue about some home remedies that you can rely on to unblock toilets. So, we have come up with this blog. In this blog, we will share with you a detailed guide on unblocking your toilets. Here, we will speak about the various ways by which you can unblock a toilet without the help of any emergency plumber. So, without further delay, let's get started with the details of the guide.

Factors to consider while unblocking toilets

Before you take a broom and other equipment and land up to your toilet essential to pay attention to two interesting factors to unblock your toilet.

  1. The causes of a blocked toilet
  2. The severity of the toilet block

If you expect your toilet will get unclogged on its own, then you are highly mistaken. Whenever you try to find out the solution to a problem you must first figure out its root cause. This will help you to eliminate the problem from the root so that it never occurs again.

There can be several reasons for a blockage in the toilet. In general, when you try to flash something other than human waste or toilet, it gets stuck in the pipeline. As a result, the water and the waste materials do not flow seamlessly through the pipeline.

There can be several types of blockages in the toilet pipelines. The severity of the blockage will determine the kind of treatment it needs. If the blockage in the toilet lasts for a few minutes, it will only take only some time to clear this blockage. However, for extreme toilet blockages, you need professional plumbers to look into the matter deeply.

Ways to unblock toilets

Indeed, there as several ways by which you can clean your toilet and unblock it. Let's take a look at each one of them individually.

Using a plunger

When you are about to clean your blocked toilet, the easiest method of all is to use a plunger. One of the biggest advantages of using a plunger is that it covers the toilet whole completely. So, you can push down the water and again pull it through the opening.

To start cleaning the blockage, first, pour water from the bathroom sink into the toilet bowl. The level of water should be able to cover the plunger completely. You can use hot water to make the plunger softer. This will help the rubber extension to maneuver into the toilet bowl well. 

Making a drain cleaner

If you do not have a plunger or have no clue about the techniques to use a plunger, worry not. Now let's take a look into some DIY techniques that can help clean a blocked toilet. When you do not have the necessary equipment to clean your toilet, all you need to do is prepare a homemade drain cleaner. When you flush too much waste through the toilet, it gets clogged easily.

To clear this blockage in the toilet, prepare a mixture of hot water baking soda, and vinegar and pour it into the toilet bowl. This mixture works best for clogs from solid waste instead of default in the pipelines.

Using an enzyme product

Sometimes people do not have the time to prepare a drain cleaner. In that case, all you can do is rely on a commercial product that contains enzymes to liquid high the solid waste material stock in between the pipeline. In most cases, plumbers use these enzymes in the septic tanks to allow the breakdown of solid waste.

You can easily get these enzymes at any home improvement store or in hardware shops. Using enzyme products to clean the toilet blockage, make sure it is caused due to some organic waste and not by any solid or hard object.

Using a coat hanger

In this method, you need robust wire and a rag. To begin with, take a straight wire coat hanger and wrap it around with the rag. Wrapping the Rag around the wire can prevent the porcelain in your toilet bowl from damaging. This technique is effective only if the obstruction is just a few inches down the drain.

When you insert the wire into the drain, push it and twist it in a circular motion to remove the obstruction and clear the drain. After a while, flush the waste materials from the drain and see if the water runs seamlessly through the pipelines.

Using a plumbing snake

Now, it is time to use a real plumbing snake. It is equipment to clear the blockage from the drains and is also known as an auger or a flexible cleaning tool. In a plumbing snake, you will find a flexible wire that can run through the curvy body of the drain and the toilet pot. This wire can get deep inside and push down the obstruction.

To use this, first, insert one end of the plumbing snake into the drain and keep on pushing down gradually until you feel the obstruction. Now, twist it and push it as much as possible to remove the obstruction.


Therefore, whenever there is a blockage in the toilet, you can instantly make use of any of the above-mentioned measures and get rid of the trouble. If any of these measures do not work, you have no other choice but to call the emergency plumbers near you. They are experts and professional enough to take care of your plumbing and drainage system.